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Root Canal Therapy – Hamden, CT

Relieve Your Pain and Save Your Tooth

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When an infection develops below the enamel of a tooth, in its sensitive nerve tissue (called the dental pulp), an excruciating toothache may be the result. In the past, teeth with this kind of damage would simply be extracted, but using root canal therapy in Hamden, the team at New Haven Dental Group is often able to save such teeth and help them look and feel like new again. Thanks to our advanced techniques and technology, this procedure is now one of the most effective ways in which we can relieve — not cause — serious dental pain.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group for Root Canal Therapy?

Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

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Root canal therapy becomes necessary when infection or damage afflicts the innermost layer of a tooth, called its pulp. This can occur due to decay or physical trauma.

Here are some signs that you might benefit from root canal therapy:

Keep in mind that in some cases, a patient may need root canal therapy even if they are not experiencing any obvious symptoms. It is wise to listen to treatment recommendations from your dentist in Hamden.

The Root Canal Process

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If you require root canal treatment, our team will numb your tooth. We may also administer anesthesia to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Next, we will use special tools to access the tooth’s interior before we gently remove all of the infected tissue. We will also remove the tooth’s nerve. To help the tooth retain its shape and solidarity, we will fill it in with a material called gutta-percha.

 To finish the treatment, we will likely restore the tooth with a temporary crown, which should be replaced with a permanent crown within a few weeks of your initial treatment.

The Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

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Some noteworthy benefits of root canal therapy include:

Understanding the Cost of Root Canals

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The cost of a root canal varies from case to case. When you come in for your consultation, we will provide a personalized cost estimate. The procedure might seem a bit pricey at first, but you can be sure that it is an excellent value. Plus, we can help you take advantage of provisions that may make your care more affordable, such as insurance and financing.

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Factors That Can Affect Root Canal Cost

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Here are a few factors that can affect the cost of root canal therapy for patients in Hamden:

  • The location and type of the tooth. Molars have more complex anatomy than front teeth. Hence, treating them tends to cost a bit more.
  • The complexity of the case. We usually perform root canal therapy right here in our office. In rare cases, though, we have to refer patients to an outside specialist who has a pricing structure that is quite different from our own.
  • Additional services. You will probably need a crown after your root canal. The restoration will add to the total cost of your care.

Is It Cheaper to Pull My Tooth?

The upfront cost of removing a tooth is less than the price of root canal therapy. However, it is important to think about the long-term financial consequences of any treatment you choose. If you get a tooth extracted, you should replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be at risk of suffering from complications like bone loss in your jaw, a misaligned bite, and future tooth loss. Tooth replacement can come with a significant cost, especially if you opt to get a dental implant.

Conversely, root canal therapy is usually a one-time treatment that provides decades of benefits. In the long run, it is usually more affordable than an extraction.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Root Canals?

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Yes, dental insurance usually covers root canal therapy. Depending on your policy, this treatment might be classified as either a minor or major procedure, meaning that anywhere from 40% to 80% of its cost might be covered, up to the amount of your plan’s annual maximum. Our team accepts over 200 forms of dental insurance, and we will be happy to help you understand your benefits and use your coverage in the most advantageous way.

Other Options for Making Root Canal Therapy Affordable

As an emergency dentist, we know that patients are often concerned about the cost of their care. We do not want you to be unduly stressed, so we offer a few provisions to make your treatment as affordable as possible:

  • Essential Dental Plan. This discount plan offers reduced prices on practically all of the services available in our practice. Signing up is quick and easy, and you can start using your benefits immediately.
  • We are partnered with CareCredit, a third-party lender that provides low-interest and no-interest payment plans for dental and medical services services. Our team can guide you through the application process. Most patients qualify for credit!

You should not allow concerns about cost to prevent you from getting necessary treatment. To learn more about root canal therapy and its price, reach out to our friendly team.

Root Canal FAQs

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Our team is always ready to help patients in Hamden when they require root canal therapy. We understand, though, if you are a bit nervous about undergoing treatment. It may assuage some of your anxiety if you learn more about this procedure and what to expect from it. Take a look at the following FAQs, and if you do not see the specific information you were hoping for, give us a call so we can personally answer your questions.

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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Root Canal?

People tend to heal at different rates. Generally, though, most patients are feeling well enough to go back to work or school the day after their procedure. However, if your job requires a lot of physical exertion, you may need to take a bit of extra time off. Exercise can divert blood away from your treatment site, slowing down your body’s ability to heal well.

You can expect some soreness in your mouth for several days. Our team will give you tips to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. For example, you should eat soft foods, take appropriate doses of pain medications, and be gentle when you are cleaning your mouth. If you experience any severe side effects after your procedure, call us right away.

Can I Eat Before a Root Canal?

If you will be sedated during your procedure, it would be wise to fast for at least a few hours before your appointment. Not eating can reduce your risk of nausea. If you will not be sedated, though, we recommend that you eat a filling, nutritious meal before your treatment. It might be challenging to eat after your root canal is finished, so nourishing yourself beforehand is a good idea. However, be sure to brush your teeth before you head to your dentist’s office.

How Long Do Root Canals Last?

In an ideal situation, root canal therapy provides a lifetime of restored function for the treated tooth. Many patients find that they have problem-free smiles for decades following their procedure.

Of course, the life expectancy of your treatment will depend partially on how well you care for your mouth. You should be diligent about oral hygiene, visit us for regular checkups, and avoid bad habits (like chewing on ice) that might damage your crown.

Can Root Canals Be Prevented?

Often, the need for root canal therapy can be prevented via an excellent oral care routine. For example, you should see your dentist for regular checkups, adhere to a thorough oral hygiene routine, and avoid habits like teeth grinding and biting on hard objects. It is also wise to limit your intake of sugar. Instead, try to drink plenty of water and consume lots of nutrient-dense foods.

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