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Can I Drink Coffee with Invisalign?

March 5, 2022

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Man sipping on coffee with Invisalign in Hamden

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, with countless people relying on it to ease them into their day each morning. If you are a coffee drinker with a degree of dental misalignment, you may wonder, “Can I drink coffee with Invisalign in Hamden?” The answer is yes! This blog post discusses how you can enjoy your daily java without endangering your orthodontic treatment.


Why Are Temporary Veneers So Important?

October 29, 2021

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Dental patient using mirror to admire her temporary veneers

If you have decided to invest in veneers, you are probably eager to see your final results. Before that wonderful day comes, however, you will have to wear temporary veneers for a while. While they might seem like an unnecessary extra step in your cosmetic dentistry journey, they actually serve some important purposes. This blog post discusses the role they play in protecting your teeth, preserving your smile’s aesthetics, and helping you achieve your desired results. It also touches on what you can expect while you are wearing your temporary veneers.


Is It Possible to Get Cavities if I Have Veneers?

October 18, 2021

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Patient visiting dentist as part of maintaining her veneers

Veneers offer a range of aesthetic benefits for teeth; they are one of the most powerful and long-lasting ways to disguise cosmetic imperfections. Still, you might wonder, “Will veneers affect my oral health? Can my teeth with veneers still get cavities?” Below, you will learn how your cosmetic treatment might affect your teeth and discover some practical tips on maintaining both your veneers and the natural parts of your smile.


Does Dental Insurance Cover Emergency Care?

September 21, 2021

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Dental insurance form with glasses resting on top

When you are experiencing a dental emergency, your first thought might be about how you can get out of pain as quickly as possible. Your second thought might be about cost. Will your dental insurance cover an emergency visit to your dentist? While you will have to check your specific policy to see how it applies, we can provide some general guidelines on how insurance generally works in urgent care situations.


5 Keys to Preventing Dental Implant Failure

August 27, 2021

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Man brushing his teeth to reduce risk of dental implant failure

According to some estimates, dental implants are successful in over 95% of cases. However, they are not totally impervious to problems. In rare instances, dental implant failure occurs. While this possibility should not scare you, it shouldmotivate you to take some simple preventive measures. Applying the following tips will greatly increase the chances that your dental implants will serve you well for a lifetime.


I Have Bruxism — Can I Get Dental Implants?

August 15, 2021

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Woman holding mouthguard for bruxism and dental implants

Unconscious teeth grinding and clenching, otherwise known as bruxism, is a common problem. In fact, it afflicts up to 8% of middle-aged adults. If you are among those who suffer from bruxism and you have one or more missing teeth, it is natural to wonder if your condition will affect your candidacy for tooth replacement. There is good news! Even though teeth grinding presents some risks for dental implants, it will not automatically preclude you from getting them. This blog post further explains the relationship between bruxism and dental implants.


Why Might You Need a Bone Graft Before Getting Dental Implants?

April 4, 2021

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Patient giving thumbs up after bone graft in Hamden

The dental implant treatment process is complex, and its details can vary from patient to patient. Some individuals even require a bone graft in Hamden before they can embark on their tooth replacement journey. Why are bone grafts sometimes necessary, and what can you expect if your dentist determines that you need one? This blog post discusses the answers to those important questions.


I Lost an Invisalign Aligner — Now What?

February 4, 2021

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Searching purse, looking for aligner for Invisalign in Hamden

Even the most diligent, responsible individuals lose items on occasion. Whether the couch eats your car keys or you accidentally throw away the receipt for an item you want to return to the store, losing track of important things is always stressful. It can be especially so if you misplace one of your aligners for Invisalign in Hamden. But do not panic. There are some practical steps you can take to get your treatment back on track as soon as possible.


Can Invisalign Fix TMJ Disorder?

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Woman holding clear aligner, fixing TMJ with Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular treatment for the convenience it offers and its subtle appearance. It can fix an array of dental alignment issues, and it can grant a person renewed confidence in their smile. But is fixing TMJ with Invisalign in Hamden also possible? In this blog post, we will discuss what the TMJ is and how Invisalign may be able to help relieve disorders that plague it.


Selecting the Perfect Shade for Your Dental Crown

December 6, 2020

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Shade guide to help choose color for dental crown in Hamden

Dentists are medical professionals, but many of them also think of themselves as artists. It takes a keen eye for detail and design to creates restorations that complement a patient’s natural facial characteristics. One of the key elements they must consider is color. In this blog post, we will discuss some factors that have a bearing on how your dentist selects the perfect shade for a porcelain dental crown in Hamden.

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