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A Tried and True Solution to Tooth Loss

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If you have lost a number of teeth, you may be thinking about getting dentures. That is a wise call! Not only can dentures restore your ability to eat most foods, but they offer a number of other benefits as well. On this page, we expound more on what full and partial dentures are, how they work, and the advantages they offer. When you are ready to learn how dentures might help you, contact New Haven Dental Group in Hamden to schedule your restorative consultation.

Why Choose New Haven Dental Group for Dentures?

What Are Full Dentures?

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A full denture replaces an entire arch of lost teeth. It consists of a gum colored base and a full row of artificial teeth. Natural suction or a mild adhesive helps a full denture to stay in place during eating, drinking, and speaking.

What Are Partial Dentures?

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As its name implies, a partial denture does not replace a whole arch of lost teeth. Rather, it fits around the remaining existing teeth to fill in the empty spaces. Small metal clips help a partial denture to stay in place.

How Do Dentures Work?

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The denture process is fairly straightforward. First, our team evaluates your candidacy for the treatment. Then, we do any necessary preparatory work (for example, extractions or gum disease treatment). When your mouth is ready, we will take impressions of it and carefully design the size, shape, and color of your replacement teeth. A trusted dental laboratory will create your denture. When you come to our office to pick it up, we will give you some coaching on how to get the most out of it.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

Dentures may be a good solution for you if you:

If you have adequate bone density in your jaw, it is likely that we will recommend that you opt for implant-retained dentures instead of traditional ones. Implant-retained prosthetics are anchored in the jawbone and offer more long-term benefits than non-implant treatments.

Benefits of Dentures and Partials

Traditional full and partial dentures offer some noteworthy benefits:

Unique Advantages of Implant-Retained Dentures

As useful as traditional full and partial dentures are, their implant-retained counterparts are superior in a number of ways:

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