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Benefits of Dental Implants – Hamden, CT

The Superior Form of Tooth Replacement

Young woman enjoying benefits of dental implants in Hamden

Modern dentistry offers multiple ways to replace missing teeth. Each treatment has its own unique advantages. However, one stands out amongst its contemporaries as the best way to rebuild lost dentition: dental implants. Why do dentists and patients like tout this treatment as the gold standard in tooth replacement? On this page, you will learn about just some of the benefits you can experience if you decide to invest in this innovative, potentially life-changing treatment.

Look and Feel Your Absolute Best

Dental implant posts are made out of a titanium alloy, which means they are quite dark in color. However, they virtually disappear once they are inserted below the gumline. The restorations that go on top of the implants are carefully crafted to look natural in the mouth. Their size, shape, and color are all tailored to fit a patient’s unique oral structures and facial aesthetics. Many patients even find that the natural, beautiful appearance of dental implants provides a much-needed confidence boost!

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Happy senior couple shopping for fruits and vegetables

Due to the fact that dental implants are anchored in the jaw, they offer outstanding stability. In fact, they are so stable that they can enable you to eat virtually anything, including crunchy and chewy foods, without taking special precautions. This is in stark contrast to regular dentures, which require that you use certain techniques while eating so you do not accidentally disturb your prosthetic.

Maintain a Healthy Smile for a Lifetime

Senior couple enjoying a lifetime of dental implant benefits

Most forms of tooth replacement, including traditional dentures and fixed bridges, have a lifespan of only 5 – 10 years. Periodically replacing them can be annoying and can create a financial burden. Dental implants are different. As long as they receive proper care, they have the potential to last for many decades — perhaps for an entire lifetime. The restorations on top of dental implants also boast an impressively long life expectancy.

Look Younger

Having a full set of healthy teeth can make you look younger. They may even detract attention away from subtle signs of aging on other parts of your face. However, there is even more that dental implants can do to promote a youthful appearance. They can prevent bone deterioration in the jaw and help your face to avoid the sunken appearance that often occurs as a result of tooth loss.

Easy Maintenance

Young man brushing teeth in front of mirror

Caring for dental implants is easy. In many respects, you can care for them in the same way that you would care for natural teeth. Regular, thorough flossing and brushing are of utmost importance. If your restoration is removable, you should take it out of your mouth every night to give it a thorough cleaning. You should also visit us about twice a year for a professional checkup.

Would you like to speak with a dentist about how dental implants may be able to benefit you? Contact New Haven Dental Group in Hamden today to schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation. We look forward to serving you!

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